TracePro | GS1 Serialization System for Pharmaceuticals

Fatronic TracePro GS1 Serialization

Printing Module:
It consists of Elfin Printer based on HP Cartridge Technology with Touch Panel LCD Screen for easy configuration of 2D Barcode, Date and Serial Numbers. Max. Printing height can be 12.7mm. Printer can print human readable 2D Datamatrix code along with GTIN, Date of Expiry, Batch Number, Serial Number, Date of Manufacturing and MSRP. Two option are available for the ink based on client’s carton material. Ink is available in easily replacement Cartridges. Quick Dry and Solvent type inks are available as per requirement.

TracePro GS1 Serialization

Verification Module:
Verification module is based on High-Speed Online Barcode reader with integrated display for easy configuration using stylus pen. Barcode reader can read at a speed up to 160 cartons per minute with superior accuracy. TracePro can be customized to use 

– Banner BCR Barcode Readers

– Omron Microhawk ID Barcode Readers

GS1 2D Barcode Reader

Software Module:
Custom designed TracePro 1.0 software logs and stores verified cartons in system database. The database can be further connected to DRAP module for complete traceability [optional]. The
stored data can be read be EXCEL as it is saved in the form of CSV file having the following information.
Date/Time GTIN Batch Expiry Date Manufacturing Date
Serial Number (Random optional) 
The software runs on Intel Core i3 based system with 17/15 inch LED Monitor complete with keyboard and mouse or touchscreen included in the package.

GS1 Serialization Software

Rejection Module:
In case of any misprint or undecipherable print, the system automatically rejects the faulty cartons from the conveyor system using Air Jet Nozzles. The rejected/faulty cartons can then be collected in a bin for decartoning.


Conveyor System:
Complete GMP compliant Stainless Steel conveyor system with variable frequency drive ensure smooth printing. The standard conveyor length is 4 feet long with adjustable height. This conveyor
system can be connected with cartooning machine to make it fully automatic line

Electrical Specifications
Power: 220VAC Single-Phase 1A
Computer Specs: Core i3, 4GB RAM, 160 SSD, with LED Monitor 17 inch along with Keyboard and Mouse
SS304 Stainless Steel Computer Trolley

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